30 August, 2012

Blog News: I'm Taking a Break from Blogging

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you all understand that sometimes life just gets in the way of things! You won't see me around until the end of September. This is because of a really big move my man and I are making across the country. We're starting afresh. We won't have internet in our home until the end of September and I'm okay with that. Sometimes we've all got to step back and reassess what we've got going on in our lives.

I'm hoping to get a lot of my reading pile read and to maybe try my hand at writing something for myself again. Hopefully, this should be easy to accomplish without the distractions of Youtube and Twitter! Though, because I have Twitter on my phone, you just might see me on there. Just a warning.

Thanks for being understanding! I hope to see you all when I return.

Best wishes for you all,

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes taking a break is the best thing. Have a good time off and we'll all still be here in a month! :D


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